St John Rigby Catholic Primary School

St John Rigby Catholic Primary School

Initial Overview of Key Stage Two Performance 2016/17

The table below shows the performance of our Pupils in Reading, Writing and Maths compared with National Averages for achieving the expected standard and higher. Children need to achieve a scaled score of 100 to achieve the expected standards and 110 to achieve higher. SJR average scaled scores can be seen below and are compared with national.

So how has SJR done?

St John Rigby has maintained very high standards for the third year in a row. It remains the highest attaining primary school in the town.

In Reading, Writing and Maths combined, SJR (55 pupils) achieved 67% with 11% achieving the “higher” standard across all three of these disciplines. The national figure for the combined expected standard was 61% (national higher figures yet to be published).

“Progress measures” used for league tables in reading, writing and maths have remained well above floor standards for the second year in a row. These look at how the school has performed compared to national in terms of progress from KS1 to KS2.

Grammar Punctuation and Spelling is not included in the national progress measures but it is worth noting our exceptional attainment compared to national in this area. 

(Nationals in brackets)


% expected standard % high School Average Scaled Score Progress Measure
84 (71) 24 105 (104) -0.5


% expected standard % greater depth  Progress Measure
73 (76) 18 -1.8


% expected standard % high School Average Scaled Score Progress Measure
91 (75) 27 106 (104) -0.5

GPS (grammar punctuation and spelling)

% expected standard % high School Average Scaled Score
87 (77) 40 109 (106)

These are outstanding results and are testament to the hard work of the children, the commitment and skill of hardworking teachers in preparing the children for the assessments and the support and encouragement of parents and families.

The first principle of all Catholic schools is to strive for excellence. It is wonderful to see that at St John Rigby, this is being achieved over a sustained period of time.

Adam Palmer
October 2017