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St John Rigby Catholic Primary School

St John Rigby
Catholic Primary School

SENDCo: Miss Anna Vecchio

Our philosophy

At the core of St. John Rigby Catholic Primary school is the example of Jesus and His teaching ministry. He taught in many places, to many people, using many methods. His ministry began with teaching, consisted of teaching, and ended with teaching. He had time to teach a group of thousands. He also had the compassion to teach single individuals, whatever their background or ability. He is a perfect example of how to effectively teach.

It is for this reason that the school is fully committed to supporting pupils and teachers in effective teaching and learning; to promoting enjoyment of, and a quest for learning; to securing progress and high standards of attainment for all.

Our Teaching Assistants, under the guidance of our SENDCo, Ms Anna Vecchio, work tirelessly behind the scenes to support our most vulnerable children, not by “doing the work for pupils” but by working, together with our teachers, in planning and responding to their short and long-term needs and aspirations. We strive for each child to be the best that they can be by addressing and removing potential barriers along the way. For our most vulnerable children, we strive to ensure that they can achieve in line with their peers in order that they are able to move onto their next phase of education determined to achieve in life and striving to fulfil God’s eternal plan for them.

Our objectives (in line with the Trust Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy)

1. To identify and provide for pupils who have special educational needs and additional needs.

2. To work within the guidance provided in the SEND Code of Practice, 2014.

3. To operate a “whole pupil, whole school” approach to the management and provision of support for special educational needs.

4. To provide a Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator (SENDCO) who will work with the Trust SEND Policy.

5. To provide support and advice for all staff working with special educational needs pupils.

6. To recognise, value and develop children and young people’s spiritual wellbeing alongside their educational experience.

7.  To work alongside other professionals within the Borough to ensure that all pupils’ needs are met and the best outcomes are provided.


The SEND Code of Practice 2014 (section 6.25-6.32) identifies four areas of need:

 · Communication and Interaction

 · Cognition and Learning

· Social, emotional and mental health difficulties

· Sensory and/or physical needs

 It may not be uncommon for a child or young person to have needs from a combination of these areas. Some students may have other needs such as English as an additional language or behaviour, but whilst these areas will be addressed, they are not in themselves a special educational need. Factors such as undiagnosed learning difficulties, difficulties with communication or mental health issues may manifest through challenging behaviour. In these cases, needs will be identified and professional involvement will be sought.

Support for pupils and families

The Vatican reminds us that at the core of all Catholic schools is the recognition of the parent as primary educators. In ensuring that the needs of each individual child are met, the SENDCo and her team always put the working partnership with parents at the forefront of their work. Parents are frequently invited to come into school in order to meet with teachers and other professionals as appropriate. These may include Speech and Language therapists, Edcuational Psychologists, advisers from the sensory and communication team and other health care professionals as appropriate.

The local authority’s local offer can be found on the Bedford Borough


Further information and the Trust Policy can be found on the Safeguarding and Child Protection Page


Our Trust SENDCos meet on a regular basis to plan the all-through education pathways for our most vulnerable pupils. Transition from one setting to another within the Trust is a key element of this.

St John Rigby, like all of the Bedford Catholic Schools, has robust transitional processes to ensure a smooth transfer from nursery into Early Years, Early Years into year 1 and all the way through the school up until Year 6. When children reach year 6 a secondary ready programme is put into place in collaboration with St Thomas More, which ensures that all children are ready for the next stage in their academic journey.  The process is yearlong with special attention being paid to our most vulnerable (SEND) pupils.  SEND pupils will have an additional programme of transition which gives them more opportunity to experience secondary school life through set activities. Within all of the Bedford Catholic schools, transition between years is facilitated by the sharing of information and opportunities for the children to meet their new teacher, where appropriate.