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St John Rigby Catholic Primary School

St John Rigby
Catholic Primary School


Computing, formerly known as ICT, is taught each week by the class teacher. The children are taught in the Computer Suite but also use the 60 mobile laptops that are available across the school. We provide exciting and relevant project-based series of lessons that help children develop skills in finding things out, developing ideas, making things happen, programming, bug fixing, exchanging and sharing information.

Children develop their programming skills first by using floor turtles and then by progressing onto computer based packages such as Logo, Flowol, Lego Mindstorms, 2DIY or Scratch.

All children have a year group log-in so are able to store any work they have completed on the school network. E-safety and safeguarding online is extremely important so the first lesson of each term is based on E-safety. In addition to the use of the laptops and PCs, some children have access to Ipads and DVCs which are used in subjects across the curriculum.