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St John Rigby Catholic Primary School

St John Rigby
Catholic Primary School

School Meals

Our school lunches are provided byAlliance and Partnership and are at present £2.10 per day. You can pay for your child's lunches weekly on a Monday, monthly or termly.  You may pay either by cash or cheque.

Alliance in Partnership's priority is to offer and promote healthy eating for children and young people with a range of tasty menus. They employ a Registered Nutritionist who analyses all their menus and ensures that the meals provided are packed full of essential nutrients.

They offer a menu that has a much higher proportion of fresh fruit and vegetables and is prepared on site, from scratch, every day. The principle goal behind menu development is to provide a variety of freshly prepared, high quality, nutritious dishes that appeal to modern tastes. This applies to every possible choice that can be made by pupils over the menu cycle period.

Packed Lunches

The school tries to encourage pupils to have a balanced packed lunch, but it is difficult to come up with ideas and often easier to include unhealthy options. Try following these simple guidelines:

  • Crisps - try a very small portion in a box instead of a whole packet.
  • Or crisps only twice a week.
  • Only one sweet treat like a cake or biscuit per day.
  • Fruit juice rather than sweet sugary drinks.
  • At least one piece of fruit.
  • Sandwiches should be savoury - no chocolate or jam.

Click here for link to Healthy Schools web site