St John Rigby Catholic Primary School

St John Rigby Catholic Primary School


Launch of the Golden Mile: Challenge accepted by Pupils at SJR

We welcomed Mr Draycott and Mr White from Premier Sport who came in and launched the Golden Mile. In our assembly, Mr Draycott explained that pupils will be able to use before school time, breaks and lunchtimes, to complete laps and, in doing so, accumulate miles both for themselves, for their classes and the schools. They then introduced the new interactive Golden Mile website where classes can log on and record progress. This will allow us to see which year groups are leading the way and how we are doing compared to local schools. There are certificates and awards for various achievements including individual milestones and leading class of the month. These awards will be incorporated into Friday celebration assembly.         





 Mr Draycott and Mr White then put each of our classes through their paces by carrying out a baseline assessment for each class. As you will see from the video this involved recording how many laps the children completed in a set time. Later in the summer, they will return to see if children are able to do improve on their baseline score.

As reported in the media, more funding has been put into primary school sport this year. Having looked at the success of this initiative, particularly in Milton Keynes schools, we have decided to use some of this funding for the Golden Mile. Let's get lapping!