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St John Rigby Catholic Primary School

St John Rigby
Catholic Primary School

Headteacher Mrs M McGettigan  
Senior Leadership Team

Mrs N Woodworth (Assistant Head - EYFS & KS1)

Mrs O Webster (Assistant Head - KS2)

Miss A Vecchio (Assistant Head - Inclusion)

Family Support Worker Mrs M McLoughlin  
School Manager Mrs D Maslen  
Administrative Manager Mrs M Zafar  
Clerical Assistant

Mrs M DiPace

Caretaker Mr C Pernisco  


Class Teachers

Learning Support Assistants


Mrs E Woodward/ Mrs T Downer (PSHE Lead)

Mrs C Hopkins (AGT Lead)/ Mrs A Gammon (EAL Lead)

Mrs N Troisi (N Nurse)

Mrs K Felice/                        Mrs K Wilding

Year 1

Mrs E Giles (Music Lead)
Miss L Doran (AD&T Lead)

Mrs M Bocchetti

Mrs K Sianni/                   Miss K Walton

Year 2

Mrs N Woodworth (AHT - EYFS & KS1)
Mrs N Jackson (RE Lead)

Mrs P Field


Mrs N Barnes

Year 3

Mr J Woodward (PE Lead)
Ms B Wintour (English Lead)

Mrs D Bellew

Ms T Kugenieks

Year 4

Mr K Dell (Science Lead)
Miss Z Diemer (ICT/E-Safety Lead)

Mrs J Silvestri
Mrs McLoughlin

Year 5

Mrs O Webster (AHT - KS2)

Mr M Kumar

Ms H Price

Mrs A Mollica

Year 6

Miss L Guard (Maths Lead)
Miss N Harris (History/ Geography Lead)

Mrs C Swift
Mrs E Baird

PE Coach Mr A Adair  

Special Needs
Co-ordinator (SENDCO)

Miss A Vecchio (AHT - Inclusion)

SEND LSAs Miss L Webb, Mrs L Gila, Mrs M Wickenden, Mrs C Lamberti, Mr M Coulton, Mrs C Catania, Mrs F Ram, Mrs S Nugent, Mrs A Abrams, Mrs A Bowers, Mrs S Burgoyne,   
Medical Room Mrs P Fields  

HLTA: Ms H Price

Cover Supervisors: Mrs D Bellew & Mr M Coulton

School Chaplain: Mrs M Ward

Lunchtime Supervisors
Many of our learning support assistants are also lunchtime supervisors. This provides continuity and a familiar face for your child.

Out of School Care
Ms D Bellew, Mrs J Haverland, Mrs C Lamberti, Mrs J Silvestre, Mrs N Troisi, Mrs N Barnes




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