St John Rigby Catholic Primary School

St John Rigby Catholic Primary School

Jesus Christ is “the way, the truth and the life”. Those who profess this faith believe that in Christ the truth about Almighty God and the truth about the human person is revealed.

At St John Rigby, we believe Chaplaincy is about walking alongside people, building relations and supporting the school community on their life journey, wherever it may take them. 

We have a dedicated Chaplaincy Team, led by our School Chaplain and Lay Chaplain. Together, they strive to ensure the school grows as a community of faith, supporting Liturgy, prayer and the spiritual life of the school by encouraging children and adults to live out their faith daily and help them to learn and grow with God by their side.

During our most recent CSI Inspections, inspectors recognised that: 'Chaplaincy and pastoral care are dynamic, well planned and strongly influence both the Catholic character of the school and the spiritual and moral development of the community'

Many of our children’s fondest memories arise from the way in which the team encourages all to have fun in learning about their faith. In order to do this, the Chaplaincy team arranges regular events such as the Sion Fun Day, visits from the Marian Youth Missionaries, joint pilgrimages to Walsingham with our partner organisations and a variety of fundraising activities for organisations that are close to the heart of our families.

Our Lay Chaplain is Mrs Mary Ward

Mrs Ward has dedicated her life’s work to education and supporting those in need. She is committed to ensuring the Catholic ethos of our school is maintained and its spiritual values safeguarded.

Mrs Ward facilitates several parent prayer meetings throughout each term which take place in our Hosanna Room. She also promotes an 'Open door' policy, providing a listening presence for anyone who may be in need. She supports the whole community ensuring all families feel a sense of welcome and belonging, and works tirelessly to strengthen home, school and parish liaison.

Spiritual collaboration has also been further strengthened by working in close partnership with a number of Christian organisations across Bedford, including the “Impact” team whose 'Open the Book' assemblies, 'Christian Lunch Club' and 'Easter Experience' are well received by the children.

Finally, Mrs Ward has developed a team of staff who are committed to working alongside our children who face challenges. Many of these staff are trained to facilitate the “Rainbows” and “Sunbeams” programmes which offer support for children who face difficult circumstances including bereavement and loss.

 We believe that as a Catholic School it is our mission to provide the highest quality pastoral care and chaplaincy for our community.