St John Rigby Catholic Primary School

St John Rigby Catholic Primary School

Curriculum Vision

St John Rigby Catholic Primary School is a learning community whose curriculum is underpinned by a Catholic education based on the life and teaching of Jesus Christ. 

God’s will be done through work and play, as we follow Jesus day by day.

We serve to enable our pupils, by encouraging their growth as spiritual and moral individuals, to develop as independent, confident and successful learners who make informed choices that are in the best interest of themselves and others. We encourage them to work and play with pace and purpose, acquiring the skills and knowledge, attitudes and aspirations to make a positive contribution. We nurture pupils as they enquire, explore, imagine, collaborate and create, with the courage to understand their learning and sometimes be wrong. Our pupils will reflect Gospel values of Faith, Forgiveness, Love, Hope and Trust, day by day, as they continue to discover the unique potential given to them by God.

Led by our mission statement and curriculum driver FLAME, we aim to develop our pupils' Faith Formation, encourage Lifelong Learners with the knowledge and skills required to be successful, ensure pupils recognise and make A Positive Contribution in all that they do, become Masters of their own Learning (knowing how to learn and overcome barriers), through a curriculum that promotes Excellence for All pupils, no matter what their starting point. 

St John Rigby follow the Little Wandle letters and sounds phonics program.  For more information visit: