St John Rigby Catholic Primary School

St John Rigby Catholic Primary School

Our school philosophy promotes inclusion and the valuing of each individual as a child of God. Through our Gospel Values of FAITH, HOPE, FORGIVENESS, LOVE and TRUST, we aim to encourage spiritual growth, self-esteem, self-discipline, and mutual respect.

Our mission statement "God's will be done through work and play, as we follow Jesus day by day", lies at the heart of all we do and underpins our overarching core aims:




To ensure God’s will is achieved by empowering our children to develop as happy, safe, confident and successful learners who are able to make informed choices that are in their own and others best interests.

To enable children to work with a joy and love for learning, acquiring the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to make a positive contribution to society.

To enable children to play with an inquisitive and exploratory mind as they imagine, collaborate and create. They will take ownership of their learning journey and know that limitations are also opportunities for growth, showing courage to sometimes be wrong.

To inspire children to grow, day by day, in their knowledge and understanding of the virtues to live by, reflecting our Gospel values of Faith, Hope, Forgiveness, Love & Trust, whilst continuing to flourish and discover their unique God given potential.