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St John Rigby Catholic Primary School

St John Rigby
Catholic Primary School

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A better world is possible thanks to technological progress, if this is accompanied by an ethic inspired by a vision of the common good, an ethic of freedom, responsibility and fraternity, capable of fostering the full development of people in relation to others and to the whole of creation”.                                                                     

Pope Francis (2019)

Through the computing curriculum at St John Rigby, we strive to equip pupils to think computationally in order to gain a deep understanding of the ever technologically changing world around them, whilst encouraging the creativity to make positive contributions and changes, as members of the future workplace and the world beyond, throughout their lives. We aim to continually promote links with other areas of the curriculum to ensure connectivity and solid learning opportunities. We will teach pupils the principles of information and computation alongside how digital systems work. Children will be given opportunities to continue to build upon this knowledge and understanding as the topics progress through creating programs, systems and a range of content through the years. Pupils are encouraged to use, express themselves and develop ideas through ICT, to ensure that they are digitally literate and using technology respectfully and safely. E-safety will hold a great deal of importance throughout the units of work. We can acquire skills through the use of technology by which we can serve others in today’s world, ensuring that we follow Jesus and discover our individual God-given potentials.