St John Rigby Catholic Primary School

St John Rigby Catholic Primary School

At St John Rigby Catholic Primary School, the safety of our children, parents/carers and staff is paramount. This includes as they make their way to and from school. Our newsletters regularly ask that parents/carers show consideration for the safety of our school community by following road safety laws and by not parking on the double yellow lines, on corners or on the no parking/dropping off zigzags as well as not doing 3-point turns at drop off and collection times. 

It is also vital that we consider road safety, ensuring that children know how to identify a safe situation, how to assess risks on pavements and roads, as well as how to practice safe and responsible behaviours going to and from school. 

Instead of driving, we encourage the use of free car parking space at St Andrews Church (Kimbolton Road), and it is then a very short walk to school, or otherwise walking, biking or scootering to school instead. Walking and cycling to school are an important part of the government’s active travel agenda and help build daily exercise into our lives, resulting in health and environmental benefits. Parents/carers play an important role in preparing children to become independent travellers. 

Please see the documents below for more information and advice on what age-specific road safety information children should be taught and simple techniques for doing this.

The Green Cross Code

A common way to teach road safety practices is the 'Green Cross Code'. This is a code of practice that helps children to feel and practice safe behaviours every day:

  1. Think: Look for the safest place to cross
  2. Stop: Come to a complete stop just before the kerb. Never step into the road without completing all the steps in the Green Cross Code.
  3. Look and listen: Look both left and right to check for any oncoming traffic. Don't forget to take out your headphones to listen to any noise from oncoming traffic.
  4. Let any coming traffic pass: If you can see or hear any traffic coming towards you from any direction, wait for it to pass safely.
  5. Arrive alive: Only once all traffic has passed safely, walk across the road whilst continuing to look out for traffic. Be sure to walk instead of run to avoid injury.